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Current Season: 9/11/2022 to 11/6/2022
Registration: 8/21/2022 to 9/20/2022

About Soccer

Posted by Richard Clarkson on 7/30/2014

East Side Sports offers a recreational soccer league during the fall for children ages 3 - Grade 8. The program is designed to provide players of all skill levels with an opportunity to participate in a fun, instructional soccer program.  ESS fall soccer includes three divisions of developmentally-appropriate competitive soccer teams for children in Grades K - 6, an in-house instructional program for players in Grades 7 - 8 with weekly competitive games, and a Sunday afternoon beginners clinic for children ages 3 to 4. All programs are co-ed and staffed by volunteer parents. Typically teams practice one time per week, with games on Sunday afternoon at the Wheeler Farm in Seekonk, MA. Children play at the same time each week, which supports a family atmosphere and an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

Division I is for children in Grades K - 1, Division II is for children in Grades 2 - 3, and Division III is for children in Grades 4 - 6. There are special rules for each division to ensure that every child plays an equal amount of time, the competition level is appropriate, and everyone learns to enjoy being a member of a team.  Parent support of the philosophy of the league is required and, thus, ensures a positive experience for all.

While we expect families to make a reasonable commitment to attending practices and games, we understand that activities such as family obligations, religious holidays, etc. should take precedence in our busy schedules. We encourage parents to achieve an appropriate balance in scheduling activities for their children and, therefore, East Side Sports programs are designed to contribute positively to family life.