East Side Sports
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Current Season: 9/11/2022 to 11/6/2022
Registration: 8/21/2022 to 9/20/2022

About East Side Sports

Posted by Richard Clarkson on 7/30/2014

East Side Sports offers fun, recreational/instructional soccer and basketball programs for boys and girls living in the greater Providence area. It utilizes parent volunteer coaches and emphasizes sportsmanship, team membership, and instruction of developmental skills in a fun, moderately competitive environment. The soccer program, which provides opportunities for children ages 3 through Grade 8, runs during the fall. Basketball offers programs for children in Grades 1 - 8 and runs during the winter.

While we expect families to make a reasonable committment to attending practices and games, we understand that activities such as family obligations, religious holidays, etc. should take precedence in our busy schedules. We encourage parents to achieve an appropriate balance in scheduling activities for their children and, therefore, East Side Sports programs are designed to contribute positively to family life.